Why doesn't Alt,FU bring up the Page Setup?

In a newsgroup, someone asked:

Is it possible to enable the keyboard shortcut mappings for the File menu in Word 2003? i.e. in word 2003 Alt+F+U was Page Setup, but now in 2007 it shows the Publish menu in the office button.

Apparently, this was an oversight. Or, perhaps they thought nobody used this keystroke. However, if you’re used to this legacy convenience, there’s no good reason not to keep on using it. Note, if the vertical ruler is displayed, you can double-click it to bring up the Page Setup dialog. You can also double-click the upper area of the horizontal ruler. But, both of those require using the mouse and having a steady hand. If you prefer the keyboard method, then try this:

1.  Press Ctrl+Alt+[plus sign on number pad]. This turns the mouse pointer into a cloverleaf.

2. Use that cloverleaf to click the Page Layout tab in the ribbon, then click on the Page Setup dialog launcher in the bottom right corner of the Page Setup section of the Page Layout tab in the ribbon.

3. This causes the Customize Keyboard dialog to appear, with the FilePageSetup command already selected.

4. Click in Press New Shortcut Key, and press Alt+F then U, it will display as Alt+F,U, as shown above.

5. Click Assign, then Close.

If you have Word set up to prompt before saving changes to Normal.dotm, click Yes when prompted.

Tip: I have FileSaveAll on my QAT so I can force Word to save Normal.dotm at any time (being careful not to save any stray Document # windows I might not want saved). [This is necessary because the old Shift+click File menu no longer exposes the Save All command, largely because the File menu has been replaced by the Pizza dialog.]

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