Organization Chart Add-in for Microsoft Office programs

Someone in was trying to find the organization chart add-in for Office 2007. I confess–I looked, and it wasn’t there. Not in add-ins, and not where Help said it should be.

In theory, you choose Insert->Object. In the Create New tab, scroll down to Organization Chart Add-in for Microsoft Office programs, select it, and click OK. Only, it wasn’t there.

So, off I go to Office 2007 setup, and look under PowerPoint, and it’s there, and listed as if it’s installed. Clearly, it is–big as life.

But, it’s not in evidence in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. So, I go through the motions, anyway. After pretending to change it to Run from My Computer, I then click Continue.

After a few seconds, setup says it’s done. So, I close setup and head back to Insert->Object. Now, lo and behold, I suddenly have an entry for it!

If I then click OK, the following dialog appears:

But, having said all that–I think the organization charts you get from SmartArt are much nicer. But, if you like the retro tools, now you know where to find ’em.

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