Turning off the Mini Toolbar

In Word 2007, when you make a selection, the Mini Toolbar, shown below, appears. When you right-click in a document, it also appears.

Word’s interface provides a way to prevent the Mini Toolbar from appearing when you first make a selection. However, the interface does not provide a way to prevent it from appearing when you right-click in a document.

To turn it off when you first make a selection, choose Office->Word Options->Popular, and remove the check next to Show Mini Toolbar on selection–the very first option–shown below.

What about the rest of the time? Thanks to fellow MVP Tony Jollans, I now have the answer. Simply write a one-command macro with the following statement:

Options.ShowMenuFloaties = False

This turns “floaties”–Microsoft’s name for the Mini Toolbar–off. If you’d prefer a toggle, instead, use the following:

Options.ShowMenuFloaties = Not (Options.ShowMenuFloaties)

This one toggles the Mini Toolbar on and off. I just created that macro and assigned it to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F. Now, anytime the Mini Toolbar gets in the way, I can toggle it off. If I decide I want to use the Mini Toolbar, a quick press of Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F turns it back on.

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