Errata: Full Screen not really RIP

In the microsoft.public.word.docmanagement newsgroup, Martin Gifford pointed out that I mistakenly indicated that Full Screen view (not to be confused with Full Screen Reading View) had been completely removed from Word 2007. Indeed, on page 858, in the Word 2003 > Word 2007 commands appendix, I indicated that View->Full Screen was RIP. This is not correct.

In defense, I based this on information deduced from Microsoft’s Interactive Applet that shows where Word 2003 commands are located in Word 2007. If you choose View->Full Screen in the applet, you see this:

Notice that View and Full Screen Reading are both highlighted. Since Full Screen Reading and Full Screen aren’t the same, this allowed me to incorrectly conclude that Full Screen was no more. Searches in the command list in customizing the Quick Access Toolbar had turned up empty in searching for the legacy Full Screen or View Full Screen commands.


I should have been searching for Toggle Full Screen View, instead:

As you can see, it’s not gone. You can add it to the Quick Access Toolbar if you like. Or, you can press Alt+V, U, and voila! The legacy keystrokes work. Thanks to Martin Gifford and Tony Jollans for pointing this out.

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