Setting up voicemail in Skype

When my Verizon FiOS phone went out for the third time in less than two months, I decided to give Skype a try to see if it could work as a replacement. The quality of the calls is much better than FiOS phone, but the jury is out, otherwise.

My first challenge was to learn how to get Skype to send calls to voicemail if I can’t answer. Apparently, you can do this only from the desktop Skype app. But, it’s pretty easy. In the app, choose Tools – Options – Calls – Voice Messages. Tick the Received unanswered… checkbox. You can also record your own greeting by clicking the red donut icon. Additional options include setting how long to wait before sending a call to voicemail, as well as to send calls to voice mail if you’re already in a call, or if you click the Reject button on an incoming call. Click Save when you’re done. (If you use call forwarding, read the Note).

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