Don’t spam me, bro!

Google Mail is rolling out a new feature. I feel about most new features the way Lou Grant felt about spunk. The new feature lets you email anyone on Google+ even if you don’t know their email address. Isn’t that wonderful? A whole new world of spam is opening up.

The feature defaults to being turned on. If you’re like me, you’ll want to turn it off, and nip it in the bud. Here’s how. Go to your Gmail window, and click the gear button, and choose Settings.

In the settings window, scroll down until you see Who can email you via your Gmail+ profile option. Click the dropdown arrow and make your choice. You can see which choice I made, since I don’t want the hundreds of Spam emails I get to become thousands.

While you’re here, stroll around the grounds and see if there are any other Gmail annoyances you can tame. Once done, scroll to the bottom and choose Save Changes.

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