Open Office Takes Control of OverDrive Files! Here’s the fix!

Do you use OverDrive Media Console to download and manage audiobooks, music, and video in Microsoft Windows? If you do, and you download and install Open Office, you might suddenly find that OverDrive no longer works with the .odm stubs used to initiate content downloads. That’s because OpenOffice takes over ownership of .odm files when you install it.

There is an easy solution. Display the .odm download in a folder. Right-click it, and choose Choose default program.

In the Open With dialog, click on OverDrive Media Console, and then click OK.

Once again, OverDrive will now open .odm files to initiate the media download. If you use Open Office more than you used OverDrive, however, you might prefer to leave the Open Office association, but use the right-click method each time to open .odm files, and choose OverDrive when that application is what you want.

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