Brute Force fix for “Chrome Error: Failure Accessing Database” error message

I was getting this error in Facebook when using the Social Fixer add-on. I searched online and found claims that by removing Social Fixer, clearing the cache, and then reinstalling Social Fixer, the problem would go away. I did. It didn’t. Ultimately, I tired of flailing and decided to use brute force.

So, what exactly is this database they’re talking about? I don’t know exactly. But, I figured it was probably located in Chrome’s AppData setting, which are shown below (unless your user name is Herb, the location on your computer will be different):

I said “brute force,” didn’t I? I simply renamed User Data to User Data.old. The next time I started Chrome, it created a new one User Data folder. This meant that Chrome had amnesia at some sites, but refreshing its memory took very little time, and the Failure Accessing Database error has not recurred.

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