How to restore Windows Live Messenger’s compact contact list after upgrading to WLM2011

I got an email from my sister while I was out on my daily walk. She had just installed Windows Live Messenger 2011, and didn’t like the default view.

Sharon missed the more compact view of earlier versions, that showed just the contacts. I recalled that there was a control for selecting the compact view, and with a little bit of poking around, found it. (Having found it when I installed WLM2011 on my various computers, I then promptly forgot where the control was.)

It’s not in the menu. Instead, it’s in the last place you’ll look (mostly because, once you find, it, you’ll stop looking).

Notice the control in the upper right corner of the window:

That’s what she needed to click to restore Windows Live Messenger’s more compact view:

And yes… the names were deliberately blurred. I don’t want any of my friends to be convicted of guilt by association!

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