Will My Laptop Work in Ireland?

If you’re traveling abroad, you might be wondering whether your laptop will work at your destination. You’ll be happy to know that almost every laptop manufactured today has a power supply that works with anywhere from 100 to 240 volts. All that’s then needed is a simple plug adapter for it to work anywhere in the world.

To make sure that your laptop will work somewhere else, look on the laptop power supply/charger (the bit that connects between the wall socket and plugs into the side or back of your laptop) for the specifications. It should look something like this (note the area circled in red):

If it says 100-240 volts, then your laptop will work just about anywhere in the world. All you then need is a plug adapter. If you’re traveling to the UK or to Ireland, look for something like this, which you can find at Amazon for under $10:


What about Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi standards are international. If your laptop has wi-fi capability, it will connect to just about any wi-fi access point in the world. If it’s secured, then you’ll need the key, but that’s all. If you’re staying in someone’s house, ask them for their security key. If they’re not there, then look on the bottom of the modem/router that connects to the Internet. If you’re at a hotel, ask at the front desk (sometimes, they’ll charge you for wi-fi, which sucks, but what can you do?). The key can range from a pass phrase (those are the simplest to use & remember), to a 4 or 5-digit number, to a very long hexadecimal code. If it’s unsecured public wi-fi that doesn’t require a key, then take a look here for a few very real security issues, and a solution.

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