Whither “Edit Links to Files”?

A Biblical student writes:

I am enjoying your Word 2007 Bible. I am currently studying for the Word MOS and I hope you have a moment to answer this Word query.

On page 305 – chapter 18 – Pictures and Smart Art , you caution readers about looking for the file name of pictures if a link is broken.

I do not have a broken link, but I see the same thing applies (or I’m not looking carefully enough). More than that, I cannot find the “Edit Links to Files” from the Office> Prepare> . I might be missing something really simple. Since I’ve started using Word 2007, I never gave it a thought to look for the picture properties.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this for me.


Thanks for writing, Steve. There are two possibilities. First, Edit Links to Files will be listed in the Prepare menu only if the pictures were inserted as links. If they were pasted in or if you click Insert in the Insert Picture dialog, instead of Link to File or Insert and Link, then Edit Links to Files will not be an option.

Also note that the Prepare menu does not have a vertical scroll bar, so it might look like you’re seeing the entire list, but you might not be. Use your mouse’s scroll wheel to see if there’s something below the last item that shows when Prepare is first clicked. Instead of a scroll bar, there’s an almost-invisible “More” triangle at the bottom of the Prepare list… you can click it instead of using you mouse’s scroll wheel, or use PageDown. One you do that, the “More” triangle moves to the top of the Prepare… list. Contrast the left and right pictures, below.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Jaime says:

    Hi, I don’t know how this happened but suddenly my Word (Mac platform) selection keystrokes (click mouse twice for word, three times for line etc) stopped working. Do you know what the problem is? Or better … how to fix it? I can also no longer insert a page break in Quark. Possibly that’s related ….


  2. herbt3 says:

    Sorry, but I’m clueless about Macs. I’ve seen them on television, but I’ve never actually used one.

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