Fixing the Firefox Google Toolbar Settings Issue

Sometimes, small victories are the best. For the past few days, the Google Toolbar was acting up in Firefox, and not doing what it was supposed to do. I tried deleting selected registry entries. No joy. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No luck.

What was Firefox not doing? It wasn’t showing search terms in the toolbar. It didn’t respond to attempt to add missing tools (such as Gmail). When I tried to change options, it didn’t display the options menu. From the Add-ons menu, when I did manage to get to the options menu, it wouldn’t save any changes… ignored clicking Save or Cancel. I had to click the X to close the dialog.

Finally, what did work was renaming (then later deleting, since it was no longer relevant) the following settings folder:


In Windows 7, it’s in your user Roaming folder. Names vary, but mine is here:


Then, I restarted Firefox, and all was well.

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  1. Stephen Wilson says:

    Brilliant! Many thanks for sharing this. This problem was driving me bananas!

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