Co-Authoring Is Here!

If you’re an early adopter of Word 2010, and you’ve been sitting on the edge of your chair waiting for co-authoring to arrive, your wait is over! As of this afternoon (EDT), co-authoring is now enabled on SkyDrive accounts.

How can you tell? In this screen shot, notice that Block Authors is available and not grayed out. In this shot, the first paragraph has been set aside so that nobody else can edit it. You can tell by the icon at the left and the dotted bracket.

Also in this screen shot, the Number of Authors tool is showing in the Status Bar. Here, it shows that there are two people currently editing this file.

While editing a co-authored document, you can click the Number of authors tools to see who else is currently editing the document. Here, I’ve signed on as two different entities from two different computers so you can see what co-authoring looks like.

I’ll have more to say about Word 2010 and co-authoring in the weeks and months to come. For more on co-authoring right now, check out chapter 52 in the Word 2010 Bible.

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