Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack

The Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack Is Here!

Get it here.

The Filter Pack includes:

  • Legacy Office Filter (97-2003; .doc, .ppt, .xls)
  • Metro Office Filter (2007; .docx, .pptx, .xlsx)
  • Zip Filter
  • OneNote filter
  • Visio Filter
  • Publisher Filter
  • Open Document Format Filter

Sadly, the Recover Text From Any File feature in Word still does not work correctly for *.docx files, even though the filter pack itself lets you search archived folders (*.zip). The Recover… feature does not take advantage of the filter.

Because docx files really are zip file, treating them as if they contained ordinary text does not yield the expected results. If you want to recover text from a docx file, you would do well to add a .zip extension to it, unzip to a folder, and then drill down to the word folder and look at document.xml. For example, consider a file named Doc4.docx. Any salvageable text will be here:\word\document.xml

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  2. herbt3 says:

    I’m happy to have helped. I wish you much success in your studies.

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