Quickly Add Shortcuts to Favorites in Windows 7 and Office 2010

In any file dialog box that displays the Favorites list, you can drag a shortcut from the current location or any location shown to the Favorites list. As you probably already knew, you can drag any selected location and drop it into Favorites, as shown here, where I’m dragging a shortcut to the ODEP folder into Favorites. Note that this is redundant, since that shortcut already exists. So, I won’t really do it. But, that’s how it’s done.

Apparently, some of you didn’t know you can also drag from the location bar at the top. First, click in it so that the > Libraries > Documents > format is replaced with the standard file location notation. This also selects the current location (and coincidentally, this is a good way to get a copy of the current location into the clipboard). Move the mouse over the left end of the location, and drag down to the Favorites area, as shown here.

Of course, here, this would be redundant, since the folder I’m dragging already has a shortcut. But, as above, you see the point.

While we’re here, I should tell you that you can also navigate to higher locations by clicking the segments shown in the address bar. Notice that here, Users is highlighted when I hover the mouse pointer over it. If I click on Users, the view now switches directly to that folder, without a need to ride the elevator stopping at My Documents and Herb.

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2 Responses to Quickly Add Shortcuts to Favorites in Windows 7 and Office 2010

  1. Julien Hofer says:

    How does one see ones favorites in the file dialog box ?

    Moreover should one have ones favorites in “Favorites” folder or the “Favorites bar” sub-folder, please?

  2. herbt3 says:

    If you’re using Windows 7 and Office 2010, you should automatically see your favorites. Are you not seeing them? Also, using the methods shown in this article, what you end up with are shortcuts to folders–you are not moving or copying the original. Hence, the optimal location would be under Favorites, not in a sub folder, since the latter would require additional navigation, reducing the utility of the shortcut.

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