My favorite Outlook 2010 Feature

Are you using the Office 2010 public beta? It’s pretty darn stable and I’ve been using it since November. One thing I like in particular about Outlook 2010 is that the Navigation Pane font can be changed directly at long last. No longer are you stuck with the default 8 point font, or having to experiment with system fonts to see which one affects the list, and then trying to find something that works here while not breaking something else.

At the bottom of the Navigation Pane, click the Configure buttons dropdown arrow, shown below, and then click Navigation Pane Options.

In the Navigation Pane Options dialog box, click Font. Finally, in the Font dialog box, choose a font and size that work better for your vision, assuming that Segoe UI 8 isn’t something you’d choose.

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  1. Doug Halbert says:


    I wrote the macro for scanning into 2007 which you were kind enough to provide. It seems that Outlook 2010 is not using Word as it’s eMail editor and the macro does not work in Outlook 2010. When I try to run the maco in Outlook 2010 I get a Visual Basic error – Cannot find project or library. I am sure it is something simple I am doing incorrectly. Here is the code that works just fine in MS Word 2010.

    Sub InsertFromScanner()

    ‘ Macro Insert From Scanner
    ‘ To import image from scanner to Word Document

    On Error Resume Next
    End Sub

    The error message highlights WordBasic in blue.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  2. herbt3 says:

    The VBA implementation for Outlook is different than that for Word, so Outlook doesn’t know about the set of “WordBasic” commands. I don’t know if Outlook even has a command that corresponds to InsertImagerScan.

  3. Doug Halbert says:


    I did develop a “work-around”. I draft my eMail in Outlook 2010. I open Word 2010. I run the “insert” macro in Word 2010. Select the page. Copy. Go back to the drafted eMail and paste the image into the eMail.

    It is a few extra steps but you can successfully get an image into the body of Outlook 2010 that way.


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