Windows Security Center Lies

Periodically, Windows Security Center lies to me, saying that AVG Anti-Virus Free reports that it is turned off. This is never true. Telling Security Center to turn AVG on—despite its not being off—never clears the bogus message.

For a while, however, I could fix the problem by toggling AVG’s resident shield off and then back on. Today, however, that no longer worked. I did find a solution, though.

What did work was to try to reinstall AVG 8.5, then choosing the Repair option. After running the repair, the problem went away (until next time, I guess).

An alternative would be to tell Windows not to monitor the antivirus status. Personally, I don’t like this option because—who knows—one of these times, Windows Security Center might eventually be correct. Besides, I don’t like sweeping things under the carpet. It leaves a little bulge, and even if it doesn’t, just knowing it’s there makes me uneasy. I don’t want to run the risk of tripping over unseen hazards.

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