Zoom Stops Date AutoComplete in Word 2007

In trying to finally figure out why date AutoComplete “randomly” seems to stop working in Word 2007, I’ve been doing some experimentation. I’ve finally solved this annoying mystery that has been plaguing me for well over a year.

Word 2007’s date AutoComplete does NOT work if the window is zoomed to a level that requires display of the horizontal scroll bar beyond a certain point. My usual zoom for Word–so I can read comfortably–is 160%. At that zoom, the horizontal scroll bar has decidedly kicked in, and date AutoComplete does not work.

I went through many iterations of renaming the Data key, renaming Normal.dotm, turning off add-ins, rebooting, creating a new Windows user, etc. Ultimately, each time I thought I had the problem licked, it would rear its ugly head once again when I stopped experimenting and started to do some real work. I finally noticed that the common denominator appeared to be that real work required zooming the text big enough to read it.

With the Word window maximized, in Print Layout view, I start at 100%, and date AutoComplete worked fine. If I increase the zoom in 5% increments, the horizontal scroll bar appears at 170%. Date AutoComplete still works at that zoom level. At 175% however, date AutoComplete stops working. If I back down to 170%, it works again.

Date AutoComplete works all the time in Draft view, regardless of zoom.

In Web Layout, it’s the same problem as in Print Layout. The first zoom nudge that makes the horizontal scrollbar appear doesn’t kill date AutoComplete. The second zoom nudge above that, however, does kill it.

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  1. Dennis Winn says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for solving this annoyance.

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