Word 2007 Preview in Vista (Answering a User’s Question)

A user asks:

Hi, Herb

I read a thread you wrote about word 2007 not showing a preview in Vista. I have the same problem and wonder if you have come across a solution?

Thanks, Mike

I never did find a solution, except that it stopped being broken a while ago. I didn’t notice when, but I suspect it’s related to one of the various updates I installed. I’ve applied all of the updates for Office 2007 as well as all of the Vista updates (well, most of them, but all of them related to Windows Explorer).

If you haven’t installed SP1 for Office 2007, that might help. You can tell by checking the version of Word you’re running:

Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.

Click Resources, and then click About.

To see information about your computer, click System Info.

There is a thread here about people who have the problem:


But, it degenerates into a work-around rather than an Office-based solution. I find such discussions exceedingly unsatisfying. But, if you need the functionality and Word refuses to provide it, sometimes it’s the only way.

If you don’t have SP1 and the latest Office/Vista updates, however, I would most certainly try those before resorting to a 3rd party work-around.

I hope this helps.


Herb Tyson

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