Answering Vicki’s questions…

Welcome to the confusing world of Word 2007, Vicky. Assuming I’ve correctly understood your questions, here are some answers.

>>How do I open Word 2007?

Lots of ways. Click the Start button – All ProgramsMicrosoft OfficeWord 2007.

Or, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the file(s) you want to open, and double-click on it/them. If Word 2007 isn’t opening automatically when you do that, then it’s likely that it a) wasn’t installed, or b) wasn’t installed correctly. You might need to take your computer back to whomever installed Office 2007 and find out why it appears not to be there.

>>And two: How can I convert a Word 2003 document stored in my virtual course (showing up as :Imported Resource 330675200630 and the course and the exercise and .doc)?

Convert it to what? Assuming Word 2007 is actually installed, it can open and work with Word 2003 file without any problems. Do you want to convert it to .pdf as the later part of your question implies? If so, then you don’t need DocSmartz PDF converter. Instead, download Microsoft’s free XPS/PDF add-on for Office 2007 and do the conversion from Word 2007:

Once you’ve installed it, open the file you want to convert. Then, in Word, click the Office button (big round button in the upper left corner that is the new equivalent of the File menu), choose Save asPFD or XPS, and the rest should be intuitive.

>>So I need to be able to also (convert an open office doc format) into a Word 2007 and Word 2003, both ways I guess you’d say.

For converting to a different format, just click Office – Save As.

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