No Mother’s Day in 2008?

I was seeing Mother’s Day ads in various places, and this started me wondering when exactly Mother’s Day was going to be. “No problem,” I told myself. “Outlook will know.” Except… Outlook didn’t know. It’s probably because I’ve been bringing along my existing .pst file each time I move to a new version of Outlook. So, for all Outlook knew, Mother’s Day and all other holidays cease to exist on January 1, 2008.

In any case, I decided to add the new holidays. But, I knew from experience that when you do that, you usually end up with two of each. Sure, two Christmases are nice. But, two Groundhog days are a bit too much. So, step 1 when adding new holidays is to deep six the old ones. I put my Outlook calendar into Event view so that just the holidays would show up.

Then, I deleted all of the existing holidays. Finally, I chose Tool > Options > Calendar Options > Add Holidays. Since I live in the U.S., that’s the set I chose, and clicked OK.

Now I know that Mother’s Day is happening on May 11th. Whew! Still time!

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