Redaction in Word 2007

If you look in Word 2007’s Help under redaction, there is an entry for the Microsoft Office Word 2007 Redaction Add-in. Sounds good, right.

Well, as of March 13, 2007, it doesn’t exist.

If you click the link to download it, you’ll get:

The download you requested is unavailable. If you continue to see this message when trying to access this download, go to the “Search for a Download” area on the Download Center home page.

If you search, you’ll discover an add-in for Word 2003, but none for Word 2007. And, if you download it and try to install it in Vista, you’ll get an error saying that you need to install .NET Framework 1.something. Well, by default, Vista includes .NET Framework 3.0, and apparently, that’s not good enough for the Word 2003 redaction tool. If you thought that having version 3 would include the ability to run items requiring version 1, you’d be wrong at least in this case.

Meanwhile, over on my laptop, which is running Windows XP and does indeed have the requisite version of .NET Framework, it installs just fine. This should let me see if it works in Word 2007, since my laptop has both Word 2003 and 2007, right?

Amusingly, at the Installation Complete screen, the Redaction Add-in setup program includes the ironic notation:

This add-in is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Please use Windows Update to check for any critical updates to the .NET Framework.

Yeah, right. But, not .NET Framework version 3.0, I guess.

All installed… um. Well. I see it the files in an offshoot of the Program Files folder. But, not only is it not showing up in Word 2007, it’s not showing up in Word 2003, either. Not there after rebooting, either.

Well. I don’t have the patience or time to play with it now. But, it’s not looking good for redaction in Word 2007, even if you happen to have the correct version of .NET Framework installed. It looks as if Microsoft expected to have it ready in time for Office 2007 RTM, but didn’t make it.

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