Editing Previously Posted Blog Entries

When I wrote the Word 2007 Bible, there were some features that weren’t working quite right for me yet, so I could not write about them in detail. One was the Open Existing tool, shown at the right.

If you use Word 2007 for blogging—and I do—have you ever posted something and then noticed an error in it? I have. If the blog entry is still open in Word, you can immediately fix the error and then click Publish. The existing entry will be replaced rather than duplicated.

But, what about after you’ve closed the entry? It might be weeks or months later. Or, a picture you linked to has disappeared, and has been replaced by an ugly X or some other nasty indicator that there’s an unwanted gap. Many users then resort to using their blog’s web interface to do the repairs. But, it might not necessary. Thanks to the Open Existing tool, you might be able to edit your previously posted blog entries!

Why do I say might? I say it because what works for me, might not work for you. It wasn’t working for me a year ago, and unless you’re using WordPress 2.5 or later, it might not be working for you, now. But, it’s worth a try.

To access the Open Existing tool, you need to be in blog mode. So, click on Office button > Publish > Blog.

Tip: Right-click on Blog and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar for quicker access to the Blog command.

Now that you’re in blog mode, click the Open Existing tool. Word will begin with the default blog and make a list of entries. Note that these are not stored locally on your hard drive—they are stored on your blog’s server. If you have multiple accounts, use the Account dropdown, if necessary, to choose the desired blog.

From the list of posts, click on the one you want to edit, and click OK. Word will load the entry from your published blog so that you can edit it. Make your changes, then click Publish.

The bad news, alas, is that you cannot delete a blog entry using Word’s interface (at least not that I’ve been able to discover—please let me know if I’ve overlooked something). You’ll need to use your blog’s web interface to do that.


While you’re here, you might see something you haven’t seen before—the Category tool. Depending on how your blog is hosted, you should be able to choose the desired category from a list of existing categories. You also might be able to create new categories. I use WordPress 2.5, hosted by Lunarpages (a wonderfully affordable web and email provider, by the way—if you choose them, please tell them that Herb sent you).

Using this implementation of WordPress, I can apply an existing category, but only one. I cannot create a new category. If I type a new category name, it is ignored. But, it is cool to at least be able to set the category. Since I use just a single category for most of my posts, this feature usually saves me a trip to the web interface. But, as they say, YMMV.

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