Outlook 2007, Vista, Firefox, and General Failure

Should we salute General Failure?

For some reason, over the past few days, many Firefox users have encountered the General Failure error message when clicking links in Outlook. I haven’t yet tracked down the why in each case (one why occurs when you install the beta of Firefox 3, then remove it and revert to a still-installed Firefox 2.x), but several solutions seem to be floating around:

  • Remove and reinstall Firefox;
  • Change the default browser to Internet Explorer, then change it back to Firefox;
  • Delete the (Default) REG_SZ registry value found at:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\FirefoxURL\shell\open\ddeexec

    i.e., replace what’s stored for (Default) with nothing; double-click (Default), select and delete what’s stored for Value data.

Caveat: editing the registry incorrectly can result in your computer not working anymore. It also is a major cause of global warming. Edit the registry at your own risk.

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