Peek-a-boo clipart

Someone asked:

I’d like to set up my clip art so it is peeking out from a page border. It should appear as though the area between the edge of the paper and the page border is blocking a part of the clip art. Can this be done?

I don’t think you can do it with the page border itself, since the border is just a line with no fill. However, if you insert–into the header/footer area (so it can be repeated on multiple pages)–a rectangular filled shape (using white fill, assuming that’s your background color), it will give the same appearance as a border. You can then layer your clip art object behind the shape. Both the clip art and the rectangular shape should be inserted into the header/footer area, and both have their wrapping set to Behind Text. You can use the order settings to send the clip art behind the shape.

Below, I’ve used an off-white colored shape so you can see the effect more clearly.

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