Very Nasty Vista Bug

A reader reports that this no longer occurs in Vista–it was probably fixed by a service pack or another windows update. The problem does not occur in the 64-bit version of Windows 7 (I presume it doesn’t happen in the 32-bit version either, but I cannot verify that since I don’t currently have the 32-bit version running.

Even so… unless you’re sure it’s fixed in the version you’re running, do not try this on any files you want to keep. Best to try it on a test copy of files.

  • In Vista, select a group of files you want to rename.
  • Press F2 (Rename), and type a new name. The files are all renamed using that name, but each file after the first has a number added a la (1), (2), etc.
  • Click Edit->Undo Rename. The file are restored to their original names. So far, so good.
  • Click Edit->Redo Rename. All but one of the files disappear – they are permanently and irrevocably gone. History. Poof. All she wrote.

This is exceedingly nasty.

Note: If you don’t have but want the menu bar in Vista’s Windows Explorer click Organize->Layout->Menu Bar.
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