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No Mother’s Day in 2008?

I was seeing Mother’s Day ads in various places, and this started me wondering when exactly Mother’s Day was going to be. “No problem,” I told myself. “Outlook will know.” Except… Outlook didn’t know. It’s probably because I’ve been bringing … Continue reading

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Zoom Problem

I’m not exactly sure why, but many of us have problems using Ctrl+Wheel to zoom to increase the size of text in Word (Word 2007 especially, but also in Word 2003) in Vista. I recall having a problem with zooming … Continue reading

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Editing Previously Posted Blog Entries

When I wrote the Word 2007 Bible, there were some features that weren’t working quite right for me yet, so I could not write about them in detail. One was the Open Existing tool, shown at the right. If you … Continue reading

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Oops! Thanks, Alan Gorski!

On page 718 of the Word 2007 Bible, I incorrectly stated that the default location for changes to the QAT is Normal.dotm. If you read that and believed it, then you might’ve scratched your head ponderously if you ever deleted … Continue reading

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