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Turning off Date AutoComplete in Word 2007

In microsoft.public.word.docmanagement, someone complained that Word 2007 offers to autocomplete days, months, and dates. Someone responded by posting the following URL,, which explains that it’s Word’s AutoComplete feature, and cannot be turned off. That would be fine–if it were … Continue reading

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Turning off the Mini Toolbar

In Word 2007, when you make a selection, the Mini Toolbar, shown below, appears. When you right-click in a document, it also appears. Word’s interface provides a way to prevent the Mini Toolbar from appearing when you first make a … Continue reading

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Errata: Full Screen not really RIP

In the microsoft.public.word.docmanagement newsgroup, Martin Gifford pointed out that I mistakenly indicated that Full Screen view (not to be confused with Full Screen Reading View) had been completely removed from Word 2007. Indeed, on page 858, in the Word 2003 … Continue reading

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Where is Prompt for document properties in Word 2007?

In the microsoft.public.word.docmanagement newsgroup, someone asked: In previous versions of Word, you could turn on an option to display the properties dialog box every time a new document was saved. Pretty easy. In Word 2003’s Tools->Options->Save tab, you could tell … Continue reading

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Making Word 2007 a Little More Familiar

Moving from Word 2003’s toolbars and menus to Word 2007’s ribbon can be a bit of a shock to many users of earlier versions of Word. Some of this shock can be eased, however, by making your most-used tools from … Continue reading

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