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Bigger matrices using the Linear method for inserting equations

As shown here, Word 2007’s equation interface provides a maximum matrix size of 3×3: So, what if you need a 3×4, 4×4, 4×3, or some other size matrix? Are you out of luck? Not at all. Begin by inserting a … Continue reading

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Creating New Word 12 Files from Windows Explorer

A few days ago, in one of the public newsgroups, someone posted about a problem when creating new Word files in Windows Explorer. First, set your default font in Word to something other than Calibri 11 point. To do this, … Continue reading

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Out of Sync

I’m transferring where my blog resides from to This will allow me to incorporate screen shots, etc. more easily. However, there doesn’t appear to be a way to import the entries and to keep the dates/times. So, if … Continue reading

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Repost from 3/8/2007

March 8, 2007 Dian Chapman, my technical editor for the Word 2007 Bible, tells me that her two copies of the book arrived yesterday. I still haven’t seen any yet. I emailed Jim Minatel (my AE) to find out why … Continue reading

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Redaction in Word 2007

If you look in Word 2007’s Help under redaction, there is an entry for the Microsoft Office Word 2007 Redaction Add-in. Sounds good, right. Well, as of March 13, 2007, it doesn’t exist. If you click the link to download … Continue reading

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Word 2007 and Word 2003 Coexisting

If you’ve ever used two recent versions of Word on the same computer, you know doubt have encountered that infuriating dialog that tells you to wait while Word is configured. You use Word 2003 for a little while, and then … Continue reading

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Last night as I was responding…

Last night as I was responding to an email message, I got a cryptic message when I clicked Send. It was so cryptic–and came amid other odd system happenings–that I failed to see exactly what it said. The upshot was … Continue reading

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Vista's Narrator, your head, and the wall

It’s a laudable idea. One of Vista’s “ease of access” features is something called the Narrator. Start->All Programs->Accessories->Ease of Access->Narrator. In theory, it can read your documents aloud to you. Nice, eh? If you’re blind or just tired, sit back … Continue reading

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Peek-a-boo clipart

Someone asked: I’d like to set up my clip art so it is peeking out from a page border. It should appear as though the area between the edge of the paper and the page border is blocking a part … Continue reading

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Send to Mail Recipient (Not as Attachment)

I keep seeing this question come up in the public newsgroups. In Word 2003—assuming you had Outlook 2003—you could choose FileSend toMail recipient. In Word 2007, that option does not exist in the default interface structure. However, you can add … Continue reading

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