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Returning to the last editing spot in Word 2007

Many Word 2007 users miss the ability to press Shift+F5 to return to the last place editing occurred in a document they open. Shift+F5 executes Word’s built-in GoBack command. It continues to work just fine in a document you’re editing, … Continue reading

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Is Firefox 3.5x slow to load some web pages?

If Firefox 3.5x is running slowly for you, you might have the same problem I had. I installed Window 7 Ultimate on Sunday, August 9th. As is usually the case when I install a new OS from scratch, rather than … Continue reading

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Example for CW Lee

The Open dialog box in Word 2007:

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Trillian Hijacks Ctrl+Shift+A and two other shortcuts

All of a sudden, Ctrl+Shift+A stopped working in Outlook and Windows Mail. In Outlook, I used it to create a new appointment, and I use it in Windows Mail to mark all messages in the displayed newsgroup as Read. Long … Continue reading

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Caveat Canon Cartridge Claim

Can you tell that I have a thing for alliteration? I have a Canon Pixma iP5000 with which I’ve been mostly satisfied. It cleans the jets before and after each printing, and I haven’t had any of the issues I … Continue reading

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A solution to “Word cannot register your account” for Word blogging

When trying to register my wife’s WordPress blog with Word so she could blog directly from Word, we kept getting the message Word cannot register your account. I got this message periodically when I registered my own blogs, but it … Continue reading

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Six cute new IE8 features

I’ve been exploring the new Internet Explorer 8. While I’m not giving up Firefox anytime soon, IE8 does have some potentially useful new features. Here are six that you might find useful, or at the very least cute. 1. Color … Continue reading

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Windows Sidebar Clock Can Steal CPU Cycles!

Last night, I noticed that programs were taking a while to start, and my computer was being sluggish in general. I right-clicked Windows Vista’s Taskbar and started the Task Manager to see if I could figure out why. In the … Continue reading

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Google Toolbar Option’s Unexpected Consequence

Yesterday, I installed Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Along with it, I installed a new version of the Google Toolbar (beta). Mind you, I normally use Firefox rather than IE8. Its logic better fits my way of thinking, and it has … Continue reading

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Making Word 2007 a Little More Familiar

Moving from Word 2003’s toolbars and menus to Word 2007’s ribbon can be a bit of a shock to many users of earlier versions of Word. Some of this shock can be eased, however, by making your most-used tools from … Continue reading

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