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Why some of your emails might be considered junk by Outlook

The following From Address form is becoming increasingly popular: John Smith; on behalf of; John Smith, This can happen if you’re using Outlook and you substitute a From Address other than your own. If you want to know how … Continue reading

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Setting Default Paragraph Spacing in Word 2010

Some Word 2010 users do not like the default paragraph spacing. For most users, two simple steps are all that’s needed: 1) In the Home tab, click Change Styles – Paragraph Spacing, and under Built-In, choose the kind of spacing … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: For Foreign Correspondence

In Microsoft Word, if you need to type something like albóndigas, résumé, or español, there’s an easy trick. Just add the Ctrl key to the accent you need, and then press the letter you want accented. For example, if you … Continue reading

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Converting Hyperlinks to Endnotes

A friend writes: I have a document in MS Word .docx Word 2007 with hyperlinked text. That is fine for converting to pdf and e-book formats, but I want to create a printed hard copy version, so I need endnotes … Continue reading

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Preventing Charts and Graphs from Going POOF

Earlier this week, I sent a draft report to a client. Figure 19 looked something like this: My client edited and sent it back, and when I opened it, it now looked like this: Much had changed, and none of … Continue reading

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Quick Table Tip: Delete versus Backspace

Have you ever wanted to delete a cell, row, column, or maybe even a complete table, but when you tap the Delete key, the contents get zapped, while the table structure remains behind? There’s a simple solution: the Backspace key. … Continue reading

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Picture thumbnails stop working in Windows 7

A Dell user had to jump through a series of hoops before Office 2010’s Service Pack would install. Each time, it appeared that the update worked, but upon reboot, Windows update sadly announced that it had failed, and was reverting. … Continue reading

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Solution for Outlook 2010 “There was an error when printing started” Problem

I’m beginning to lose track of how many different multifunction printers I’ve tried in my effort to find one that works. So, far, I’ve tried at least the following printers, and gave up after heroic efforts: Canon MX870 (could get … Continue reading

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Google Calendar Sync now works with the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010!

Google Calendar Sync now supports the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010. So, if you need the 64-bit version of Office, but have delayed installing it because you needed Google Calendar Sync more, now you can have both. You can download … Continue reading

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Public Wi-Fi Safety

If you use public Wi-Fi, you need to be aware of the potential dangers to your data and passwords. Firesheep has widened the risk by providing a snooping tool that’s easy to use. Just a few minutes exposure to a … Continue reading

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